Nice New Trees

Effingers has a large selection of trees for sale. Call us for a complete inventory. These newer varieties from Schmidt Nursery in Oregon display substantial improvements in sturdiness,hardiness, flower power and/or fall color.

Japanese Snowbell Snowcone® Japanese Snowbell
Pyramidal shape with clean dark green foliage. 25 ft tall and 20 ft wide. Yellow fall color. Pure white bell-shaped spring flowers.
Ivory Silk Lilac Ivory Silk Lilac
This Japanese tree lilac is a small tree or large shrub that grows 20-25 ft. tall. Creamy white, single, fragrant flowers.  Attractive reddish-brown bark.
Royal Raindrops Crabapple Royal Raindrops Crabapple
A small 12- 20 ft. ornamental tree with season long appeal. Bright pinkish-red spring flowers and deep purple cut-leaf foliage.Disease resistant and heat tolerant. Fall color is a palette of purple, orange and bronze.
Crimson Sunset Maple
An improved Crimson King maple with deep purple foliage that holds its color through the hot dry summer. More upright and compact than Crimson King. 30-35 feet.
Red Point Maple Red Point Maple
Sturdy pyramidal shade tree that is beautiful all season. Height of 40-45 feet. Dark green heat resistant foliage turns fiery red early in the fall. Low maintenance, fast growing, perfect for urban streets or back yards

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