Great New Grasses

What’s New in Ornamental Grasses?
No more ordinary old pampas grass or maiden grass for you! See what makes these newer varieties so interesting.

 Carex Blue Zinger

Carex ‘Blue Zinger’ or Blue Sedge

Steel-blue clumps of foliage create a sea of blue when planted in drifts. A terrific ground cover. Tolerates moist, even wet soil in shade or part shade. 10-18 inches

 Carex Evergold

Carex ‘Evergold’ or Variegated Japanese Sedge

This versatile sedge is beautiful as a spiller plant in containers, rock gardens and landscapes. Forms a cascading clump of narrow, creamy yellow leaves with dark green edges. Prefers medium to wet soils in part, not full, shade. Spreads slowly. 10-12 inches.

 Miscanthus Little Zebra

Miscanthus ‘Little Zebra’ or Dwarf Zebra Grass

Narrow blades with horizontal gold banding. Plant forms a rounded, almost ball-shaped clump topped with reddish purple plumes. 3-4 feet.

 Miscanthus gold bar

Miscanthus ‘Gold Bar’

Distinct gold horizontal stripes. Slow growing with a tight upright spiky habit, perfect for landscapes or containers. 3-5 feet

 Little Blue Stem Smoke-Signal

Schzachirium or Little Blue Stem ‘Smoke Signal’

A beautifully refined version of the native little blue stem that takes on scarlet red tones in late summer and deeper red-purple in the fall. Upright habit, no flopping. Tiny, tan seed heads appear in early fall.


Panicum or Switch Grass ‘Cheyenne Sky’

Tight vase shaped blue-green foliage turns wine red early in the summer. Next comes purple flowers and at only 3 ft. is nice even in a pot. A native grass so tough and drought tolerant.

  Panicum Apache Rose

Panicum or Switch Grass ‘Apache Rose’ 

Ken Shnur

Staff Favorite!

Unique rose-colored flowers instead of cream or tan. Dense, upright columnar habit with gray-green leaves. Tips of leaves are flushed rosy-red in fall.

 Pennisetum Burgundy Bunny

Pennisetum or Fountain Grass ‘Burgundy Bunny’

This colorful dwarf grass forms a rounded clump of foliage that begins to turn red in the summer. By fall it is red all over and provides winter interest. Cream flowers. 12-16 inches.


Sporobulus or Prairie Dropseed

Native prairie grass with a soft fountain-like look. Thread- like green leaves turn golden orange in fall. Lightly fragrant, pinkish brown flowers appear atop the tall arching stems. Heat and drought tolerant. 2-3 ft.


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