Cool New Perennials

Here are some newer varieties of perennials that have only been out a few years. Let us know if you’re looking for something in particular. Trudy can get just about anything if you’re willing to be patient. Her e-mail is

Yarrow Firefly Amethyst

Achillea or Yarrow Firefly Amethyst

Bright lavender pink flowers age to light pink. Billowy habit. Blooms early to midsummer. Great cut flower. 18-22 inches.

Yarrow Firefly Sunshine

Achillea or Yarrow Firefly Sunshine

One of the very best yarrows for lasting summer color. Bright yellw flowers contarst with dark green gray foliage. Upright habit. 28-30 inches

  Allium 'Millenium'

Allium or Ornamental Onion Millenium

A profusion of large 2 in round, bright rosy purple flower clusters on strong stems bloom mid to late summer.  Forms a perfect, compact upright clump of glossy green leaves. A bee and butterfly magnet. 15-20 inches

Anemone WILD SWAN™

Anemone Wild Swan

Japanese Anemone. Large 3 inch white flowers with lilac-blue bands. Blooms from late spring until frost. Morning sun, afternoon shade is best. 20 inches tall.

anemone fall in love sweetly

Anemone Fall in Love Sweetly

Japanese Anemone. Loads of semi-double rose-pink flowers late summer through late fall. Morning sun, afternoon shade is ideal. 20-26 inches.

Calamintha nepeta


This sun- loving heat-tolerant perennial is a real pollinator magnet. It blooms tiny white flowers from early summer until frost. Mint scented foliage with a bushy habit. 12-16 inches tall and wide.

Coreopsis UPTICK™ Gold & Bronze

Coreopsis Uptick Gold & Bronze

Large golden yellow flowers with bronze-red centers. Tidy mounded habit looks great all summer. 12-14 inches.

Coropsis Uptick yellow & red

Coreopsis Uptick Yellow & Red

Sunny yellow flowers with dark red centers. Tidy, mounded habit, blooms all summer. 12-14 inches tall.

Coreopsis Crazy Cayenne

Coreopsis Sizzle & Spice Crazy Cayenne

Fiery sunset orange flowers on a compact, rounded habit. Blooms all summer. 15-18  inches

Clematis Stand By Me

Clematis Stand by Me

Bush form of clematis with blue bell-shaped flowers May thru June and some rebloom in later summer months. Attractive cream seed heads. Benefits from a stake, cage or neighboring plant for support. 34-38 inches.

Clematis Rain Dance

Clematis Rain Dance

Bush form of clematis with extra large (2-3 inch) outward facing indigo blue flowers. Benefits from a stake, cage or neighboring plant for support. 42 inches.

Dianthus Paint the Town Magenta

Dianthus Paint The Town Magenta

Paint the Town is prized for bright flower color and increased heat resistance. Single vibrant magenta- pink flowers cover the blue-green foliage. Blooms spring and early summer. Proven Winner’s Perennial of the Year for 2022!

Dianthus Classic Coral

Dianthus  Fruit Punch Classic Coral

Double, striking coral-pink flowers over a tight compact mound of green-blue foliage. Shear after flowering to encourage rebloom. 8-10 inches.

Dianthus 'Maraschino'

Dianthus Fruit Punch Maraschino

Hot cherry red double flowers have a dark burgundy eye. The spiky clump of silver blue foliage remains attractive all summer. 8-10 inches

Dianthus Cute as a Button

Dianthus Pretty Poppers Cute As A Button

Semi-double bright pink flowers have a deep red eye and serrated edges. Blue-green foliage is attractive all summer. 6-8 inches

 Echinacea DOUBLE SCOOP™ Mandarin

Echinacea or Coneflower Double Scoop Mandarin

Large, 4 inch wide fluorescent orange pop-pom flowers on short strong stems. With age, flowers take on a dark rosy pink tone. 18- 22 inches tall. Blooms all summer.

Heliopsis Tuscan Sun

Echinacea or Coneflower Sombrero Lemon Yellow Improved

Rich yellow flowers with a copper cone. Wide overlapping petals on a well branched sturdy  compact plant. 18-22 inches.


Coneflower Lakota Fire

Echinacea or Coneflower Lakota Fire

This seed strain shows a variety of beautiful shades from reddish-orange to pinkish-red. Its short stature, 12-16 inches, makes it a great fit for the front of border, small spaces or even in pots. Blooms almost all summer.

 Echinacea Sombrero Salsa Red

Echinacea or Coneflower Sombrero Salsa Red

Spicy red-orange blossoms with an orange-brown center cone  are produced all summer atop a well-branched sturdy plant.  24-26 inches.

Geum Totally Tangerine

Geum Totally Tangerine

Tall strong stems carry bright apricot to tangerine orange flowers. Fuzzy foliage forms a compact 14 inch mound. Blooms spring til mid summer. 30 inches.

Heliopsis Tuscan Sun

False Sunflower. A carefree native cultivar that blooms a mass of golden yellow daisy-like flowers mid through late summer. Compact habit. 24-36 inches.

Hibiscus Starry Starry Night

Hibiscus Starry Starry Night

Stunning 7-8 inch pale pink flowers have a darker pink speckling. Near-black broad maple-like leaves on a compact 3-4 ft plant. Tidy dense well-rounded habit.

Hibiscus 'Holy Grail'

Hibiscus Holy Grail

Incredible dark, near -black leaves with 8-9 inch deep red flowers. The red and black color contrast is strikingly showy. 4 ft. Blooms late summer.


Heuchera or Coral Bells Primo Black Pearl

The new standard in black coral bells. Forms a dense habit of shiny jet black leaves with scalloped, ruffled edges and rosy purple undersides. Keeps its intense black color even in some sun! 8-10 inches.

Heuchera Peachberry Ice

Heuchera or Coral Bells Primo Peachberry Ice

Large apricot-orange leaves with pronounced ruffling reveal pink undersides. The bright orange color fades a bit with warm weather. 8-10 inches.

 Heuchera Twist of Lime

Heuchera or Coral Bells Timeless Twist of Lime

Incredibly wavy, chartreuse-yellow leaves. One of the brightest yellow coral bells. Best color is in dappled shade or early morning sun. Cream flowers in late spring. 8-10 inches.

Heuchera Wildberry

Huechera or Coral Bells Dolce Wildberry

Large scalloped glossy leaves are bold purple and hold their color well throughout the season. 10-14 inches.

 Heucherella Pumpkin Spice

Heucherella or Foamy Bells Pumpkin Spice

Bronze red lobed leaves emerge in late spring and holds their color well into early summer. Mahogany colored centers. Can tolerate more shade than heuchera. Cream colored flowers bloom atop dark red stems. 8-10 inches

Monarda or Bee Balm Electric Neon Coral

Exceptionally vibrant, 3 inch wide flowers are impossible to miss when in bloom early to mid summer. Glossy dark green, mildew resistant flowers. Choose from Electric Neon Coral (pictured) or Electric Neon Pink 16-20 inches.

Nepeta Cat's Pajamas

Nepeta or Catmint Cats Pajamas

Dark flower stems with indigo blue flowers that bloom from the soil to the tips of the stems. Ball shaped habit. 12-14 inches. Proven Winner Perennial of the Year 2021 !

Phlox Ultraviolet

Phlox Luminary Ultraviolet

This new upright garden phlox displays mildew resistance even in our hot, humid climate. Very dark magenta violet flowers. 32-36 inches.

Salvia Back to the Fuchsia

Salvia Color Spires Back to The Fuchsia

Dark fuchsia pink flowers on dark charcoal stems. Excellent vigor, basal branching form full, well-rounded plants. Will rebloom if sheared back. 22-24 inches.

Salvia Violet Riot

Salvia Color Spires Violet Riot

Improvement over the popular May Night salvia.  Vivid violet-blue flowers on dense well-branched plants. Neat upright habit. 22 inches.

Leucanthemum superbum 'Whoops-a-Daisy'

Shasta Daisy Whoops-a -Daisy

Forms an exceptionally dense, rounded ball-shaped mound of dark green foliage blanketed by large 3-4 inch white flowers with gold centers. Great in the ground or in a container. 15-18 inches.

Shasta Daisy Ice Cream Dream

Shasta Daisy Ice Cream Dream

Intense yellow buds open cream and expand to white fully double pom-pom like flowers with small yellow centers. Flowers are 2-3 inches wide . Compact habit. 12 inches.

Sedum Boogie Woogie

Sedum Rock N’ Low Boogie Woogie

A s variegated ground cover sedum. Green leaves with cream margins are sprinkled with yellow late spring flowers. 6-8 inches

Sedum Little Miss Sunshine

Sedum Little Miss Sunshine

Ground cover type sedum with dark glossy foliage on a compact, tidy habit. Tiny clusters of bright lemon yellow flowers. Tough and drought tolerant. Late summer color. 6-8 inches.

Veronica Wizard of Ahhs

Veronica Magic Show Wizard of Ahhs

Spikes of violet-blue flowers bloom profusely on thick, well-branched plants. An improved Hocus Pocus. 14-16 inches.

Veronica Perfectly Picasso

Veronica Perfectly Picasso

Paintbrush-like spikes produce white buds that open to medium pink flowers, creating a striking bicolor effect. Plant has a beautiful rounded habit. 22-26 inches

Pictures are provided by Walters Gardens.

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