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Protecting Your Plants for Winter

Snowy Eucalyptus  Artic Fire Dogwood

There’s really not much to do getting your plants ready for winter. But a few easy steps make the difference between plants merely surviving and actually thriving despite the weather. These tips are especially important for newly planted evergreens, trees and shrubs.

  • Water- If fall rains have been scarce, give your plants a good deep soaking. Deep soaking develops deep roots which helps plants survive the winter.
  • Mulch- Almost all plants benefit from some winter mulch but a few plants like azaleas, rhododendrons, boxwood and holly need a generous amount.  Mulch helps any new plantings and all evergreens endure our unpredictable winters. It protects plants from alternate freezing and thawing with the ups and downs in temperature and conserves moisture in hard frozen soil.
  • Pruning- Avoid it! If you want to tidy up your plants, trim them back about one third but leave some foliage to protect the underground portion. Do any major pruning in the dead of winter when plants are dormant or early next spring.
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