redbud trees  

Native Perennials and Grasses

Native Trees and Shrubs

Gardening with native plants only makes good sense. Just what is a native plant? A native is a plant that originated in our area and was not introduced from Europe or another far away location. These plants generally display better hardiness, disease and insect resistance and tolerate local weather extremes. Native plants require less fertilizer, water and pesticides. They also have deep roots which absorb excess rainfall, conserve the soil and prevent runoff. Native plants provide songbirds and other wildlife nesting habitat, shelter, and protection from predators and weather extremes.

Native plants are a critical source of food for our songbirds, bees, butterflies and other pollinators. As they forage for their own sustenance bees pollinate one out of every three bites of food we consume. Think apples, almonds, blueberries, cherries, avacados, peaches, strawberries and so much more. For more information about these important pollinators go to The Million Pollinator Garden Challenge.

For more information about natives visit Grow Native!, The Grow Native! program provides information and resources for promoting biodiversity with native plants. Our native plant program has expanded every year and is divided into two groups of plants: Perennials and Trees & Shrubs

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