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Milkweed Madness

Effingers has a large selection of milkweed to choose from. Milkweed is the sole source of food for the monarch caterpillar. Milkweed populations have declined precipitously over the past decade. The development of rural farmland and herbicides have led to the decline of native habitat and wild forage areas. While the orange-flowering butterfly milkweed has been popular and sold at garden centers for years, it is better to plant a variety of milkweed that diversifies and increases the monarch’s food supply.

The following varieties of milkweed are recommended by Monarch Watch and other organizations for our lower Midwest monarch migration region.

 common milkweed Common milkweed (syriaca) – the monarch’s preferred species of milkweed, but it is big, aggressive and can grow as tall as 5-7 ft.,  pink fragrant flowers.
 swamp milkweed Swamp milkweed (incarnata) – the best variety for wet or swampy areas, grows up to 5 ft., bright pink flowers
 butterfly milkweed Butterfly milkweed (tuberosa) – garden friendly and ornamental, tangerine-orange blooms for three months, just 2 ft.
 purple milkweed Purple Milkweed (purpurascens) – shade tolerant although will also grow in full sun, rose-pink flowers, 2-3 ft. tall
 prairie milkweed Prairie Milkweed ( sullivanti) –  2-3 ft., purplish-pink fragrant flowers
  Whorled Milkweed (verticillata) – 3 ft tall, delicate looking foliage with white flower


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