Fantastic Fall Shrubs


There’s lots of colorful springtime shrubs like lilac, azalea, forsythia and spirea. But spring is often short lived and followed by a long, hot summer. Fall lasts a long time in southern Illinois and there are plenty of plants with interesting flowers, berries and vibrant autumn foliage.

Here’s the low down on a few of our favorites.

brandywine viburnum

Brandywine Viburnum

Breathtaking color with berries that transform from green to ivory to vivid pink and finally blue. Showy glossy leaves change to incredible dark maroon-red in autumn. 5-6 ft.


Arctic Sun Dogwood

Dogwood Arctic Sun

This dwarf version of Winter Flame dogwood fits right into today’s gardens and landscapes at only 3-4 ft. tall. It is extremely beautiful in the winter with its yellow stems with red tips.

Diervilla Kodiak Orange

Diervilla Kodiak Orange

Glowing orange foliage is especially bright in the fall. An eco-friendly alternative to burning bush. Tough, maintenance free. Works in sun or shade, drought tolerant and supports pollinators! 3-4 ft.

Pearl Glam Beautyberry

Pearl Glam Beautyberry

‘Pearl Glam’ has abundant white flowers in summer that develop into large purple-violet berries. Attractive purple foliage. Vigorous upright plant. 4-5 ft.

Little Henry Itea

Little Henry Itea

Loads of showy white spring flowers atop foliage that turns vivid orange-red in the fall. Puts burning bush to shame!  Tough, easy to grow, prefers moist soils and will tolerate wet conditions. It will grow in full sun to full shade and requires little pruning or other maintenance. Only 2-3 ft.

Sunshine Blue Caryopteris

Attractive lime green foliage hold up to hot weather. Contrasting vivid blue flowers in late summer through fall. 3 ft.


Winterberry Holly Berry Poppins

An excellent dwarf, deciduous holly with tons of bright red winter berries. Use Mr. Poppins as pollinator. 3-4 ft

spirea double play candy corn

Spirea Double Play Candy Corn

Candy apple red foliage is spring transforms to pineapple yellow that contrasts well with orange new growth. Dark purple blooms.1-3 ft.

Low Scape Mound Aronia

Attractive dark glossy leaves, pinkish white spring flowers. Purplish-black summer fruit followed by intense reddish-orange autumn foliage. Tolerates both wet and dry soil. Sun or part shade. 1-2 ft.

Winecraft Black Smokebush

A compact smokebush with purple-black foliage that darkens as the season progresses.Showy red smoke-like blooms in early to mid summer followed by a colorful display of orange fall foliage. 4-6 ft.


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