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Christmas Tree Care 101

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A cut Christmas tree can add warmth, fragrance and nostalgia to your home. Here are a few easy tips to keep yours fresh during the holidays.

  • Let us, here at the nursery, cut a small section of the trunk off the base of your tree to facilitate water uptake.
  • As soon as you get home put the freshly cut tree in a large bucket of water. Even if it’s outside and preferably in the shade, make sure it has plenty of water.
  • Once it’s inside, place in the coolest place part of your home away from the fireplace and heating vents.
  • Keep the tree stand full of plain cold water, no soda or aspirin, etc…Save those items for your own holiday overindulgence.
  • If possible, and this is my personal secret weapon to having a great looking tree, run a cold water humidifier somewhere near the tree.
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