Meet Our Staff

Here’s the lineup on our full time staff. We couldn’t do it without these hard working helpers!

Cathy Reinhardt Cathy Rheinhart
Cathy has over 25 years of experience in the nursery profession and has been with us at Effinger’s for the past 15. Cathy is a Certified Nursery Professional and knows the entire spectrum of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals better than anyone. Cathy raises our annual flowers and is a skilled landscape designer. Best of all, she is a swell cook and often treats us to her baked cakes and cookies.
Ken Shnur Ken Schnur
Ken is a landmark fixture who also has been with us for over 20 years. He’s such a recognizable part of our outfit that he is often mistaken for Rick. Customers will regularly ask for “that older guy that’s been here forever” at which point we ask ”do you mean Rick or Ken?” Ken can do just about anything from rewiring a greenhouse to pruning a bonsai or fixing a broken water pipe.
Barb Barb Guyer
Barb’s been with us for several years now. She manages our satellite store on North Illinois St in Belleville (the old A&W root beer stand!).  Barb is organized and efficient. Her former life was spent overseas as a military spouse in the air force where she enjoyed travel and sightseeing when off duty. Barb also drives a school bus for district 201. Needless to say, Barb is an overachiever.
Katie Katy Guetterman
Katy is a welcome addition to our spring 2017 staff. She is a master gardener, naturalist, keeper of chickens and goats, vegetarian and all around old soul. She likes all aspects of the outdoors.
When the rest of us are melting in the July heat, Katie seems quite comfortable. She just sees and does whatever needs to be done including pruning and shaping trees, tidying up unruly perennial vines or helping overwhelmed customers.
Ann Glosecki
Ann joined our team in the spring of 2019.  A master gardener, she is now working on her master naturalist certification. Ann’s family has roots in farming and she works hard like a farmer! Ann is retired from Regions bank and when not working at Effingers, she enjoys Cardinals baseball. Her favorite hobby, however, is spending time with her grand daughters, Evelyn and Ellis. 
Hailey Hailey Bolen
Boy oh boy did we get lucky when Hailey joined our team this spring 2019. Hailey contacted us over a year ago via e-mail. But it was summer and business was slow. Luckily I saved her information and reached out this spring. Hailey’s ‘people’ skills are second to none. She has another full time at Reifschneider’s Grill & Grape in Freeberg. But we are lucky to have Hailey during the day.
Nate Nathan Coggeshall
Nathan is a 2018 addition to our staff and we are sure glad we found him.  Nathan is willing to tackle any task, a true ‘Jack of All Trades.’ An avid outdoors man, Nathan enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, and working outside. A part time student at SIU Edwardsville, Nathan has quickly become “one of the family”. 
  Sara Fries
Sara is another 2018 ‘newbie’ who quickly proved herself indispensable. Sara took to the register like a duck to water, a skill Trudy and Rick have yet to master. Even in the height of the spring rush, Sara remained calm and poised at the checkout counter. Sarah is studying engineering at the University of Illinois. Needless to say she is highly over qualified.


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