Extraordinary Annuals


What Works in Flowering Annuals?
Annual flowers (flowers that live for one season) supply the lion’s share of color in the garden. These are easy to care for, all-season bloomers that perform well in our climate. Some are new this year and some are old friends that have proven worth keeping.

New for 2019!

Begonia Cananry Wings

Begonia ‘Canary Wings’

Canary Wings has bright foliage that changes from yellow to bright chartreuse throughout the season on a plant that continues to perform all summer long. A great option for shade baskets. Good for small pots and large containers in a combo. 12-15 inches tall and wide.

Lantana Bloomify Rose

Lantana ‘Bloomify Rose’

Medium mounded lantana keeps a nice shape in the landscape. Continuous flowering throughout the season. Does not set seed, it is sterile, so does not stop flowering in the heat of summer. Also comes in a reddish/orange shade.

Salvia Skyscaper Dark Purple

Salvia ‘Skyscraper Dark Purple’

This tender perennial blooms from late spring right through the fall. It features sturdy stems with large blooms that last longer and display better branching than seed grown salvia. 14-28 inches tall. Also comes in orange and pink.

Lucky Star Penta

Pentas ‘Lucky Star’

Vibrantly colored blooms on lush, full-looking plants are perfect in combinations, containers or landscapes. Reblooms fast so you enjoy a consistent color show all season. Thrives in heat and humidity and low maintenance. 12-16 inches tall.

Vinca Tattoo Papaya

Vinca Tattoo ‘Papaya’

A real show stopper! An upright vinca that gets about 10-14 inches tall and spreads 8 inches wide. Thrives in hot, sunny weather. Blooms from late spring into late summer. Also available in ‘Black Cherry.’


Good Old Friends

Angelonia Angelface Blue

Angelonia Angelface Blue

Vibrant purple flower spikes that bloom all season. Heat and humidity tolerant, deer resistant and low maintenance. Excellent in pots or in flower beds. 18-24 inches. An upright thriller. 


Cuphea ‘Vermillion’ or Firecracker Plant

Abundant yellow orange flowers all season. Loves the heat and drought tolerant. Hummingbirds love these tubular flowers. 12-18 inches and a filler plant.

Geranium Calliope Dark Red

Geranium ‘Calliope Dark Red’

An improved double- flower geranium that is heat loving and drought tolerant. Calliope has a vigorous, mounding to semi-trailing plant habit. Full sun or part shade. Great for hanging baskets, patio planters or beds. Grows 10-12″ tall. Filler.


Supertunia ‘Charm Violet Star’

A great plant that will both mound (filler) and spill (spiller) over the edge of pots. Especially bred for landscape beds because of their vigorous growth habit. A good substitute for million beds in pots are sites without excellent drainage; they tolerate cool wet conditions. Filler/spiller plant.

 Pictures are courtesy of Proven Winners® and Ball Seed® 

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