Coolest New Shrubs

It’s hard to keep up with the seemingly endless parade of new plants. But these shrubs represent some of the better varieties introduced within the past few years. Although they are new, they will still work in our unpredictable climate.

For a more complete list of shrubs that we also recommend go to Good New Shrubs that have been around for a little longer.

Buddleia Pugster Amethyst

Butterfly Bush ‘Pugster Amethyst’ 

Dwarf stocky habit with very large, highly fragrant blooms. Forms a tight 2 foot mound of rich amethyst (purple) flowers from midsummer until frost.


Butterfly Bush ‘Pugster White’

Big, thick, pure white flowers heads cover this short stocky shrub. The ‘Pugster’ series of butterfly bush are great in pots or decorative containers. 2 feet


Butterfly Bush ‘Pugster Pink’

Very dense taffy-pink flowers on a short stocky shrub. The ‘Pugster’ series of butterfly bush combines a dwarf growth habit with full size, fragrant blooms.


Crapemyrtle Rikki Tikki Pink

A unique dwarf plant with foliage in hues of silver, burgundy and green. Hot pink flowers with yellow centers. 3-5 ft.



Crapemyrtle Rikki Tikki Rouge 

A dense dwarf plant with rich red-pink flowers with yellow centers. Glossy foliage is a combination of green, red and chocolate. 3-5 ft.

Invincibelle Wee White Hydrangea

Hydrangea ‘Invincibelle Wee White’

The smallest ‘Annabelle’ yet. A tiny tidy plant with strong supportive stems that don’t flop. 1-2 feet

Lets dance starlight hydrangea

Hydrangea ‘Let’s Dance Starlight’

A reblooming lacecap hydrangea. Hardy, dependable and colorful. Massive blooms are vivid pink (or blue) with strong stems.2-3 feet

Fire light Hydrangea

Hydrangea ‘Fire Light’

Upright panicle flowers that transform from pure white to pink and finish a rich pomegranate-red. Thick sturdy stems. 6-8 feet. 2019 hydrangea of the year!

At Last Rose

Rosa At Last

A fragrant, fully-petaled tea rose with the easy care and low maintenance  of a  landscape rose. A non-stop display of sweetly perfumed sunset-orange blossoms from late spring through frost. Handsome glossy foliage and a vigorous rounded habit. 3 ft.

Bloomerang dwarf purple Syringia or  Bloomerang Lilac ‘Dwarf Purple’
A new and improved Bloomerang lilac with more flowers and better disease resistance. Healthy vigorous growth with sweet fragrance and smaller habit. Just 2-3 ft.
Bloomerang dwarf pink Syringa or Bloomerang Lilac ‘Dwarf Pink’
Dark pink flowers on a dwarf 2-3 foot plant. Fragrant, vigorous and disease resistant.
czechmark_trilogy_weigela_ Weigela  ‘Czechmark Trilogy’
Extra large flowers in a  of vivid hues of white, pink and red appear appear at once above the glossy green, clean foliage. Spring blooming. 3-4 ft.
Snippet Lime Weigela Weigela ‘Snippet Lime’
A dwarf weigela with fresh, lime green foliage and pure pink blooms that flower heavily in spring and then off and on throughout the summer. 1-2 ft.


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