Perenial Plants that Butterflies Love

Below is a list of tried and true plants for butterfly gardening, long-blooming perennials that butterflies favor. If you are interested in butterfly houses we specialize in those as well.


Aster ‘Raspberry Swirl’

Old-fashion but still garden worthy. Stunning clusters of raspberry-red blooms, yellow centers.Starts blooming sooner than mums, mid to late August,when the garden is tired.
18-24 inches


Agastache ‘Peachie Keen’

A real hummingbird and butterfly magnet.One of the longest blooming summer perennials.Thrives in the hottest part of summer and is drought tolerant.’Peachie Keen’ is new for 2015!


Black-Eye Susan ‘Little Goldstar’

Forms a compact dome of gold, daisy-type flowers.Shorter and bushier than the original form. Much better disease resistance.Heat and drought tolerant. Blooms until frost

Buddleia Pink Micro Chip

Buddleia ‘Pink Micro Chip’

A new color in the ‘Lo & Behold’ dwarf butterfly bush series. Abundant tiny purplish- pink blooms. Flowers summer until frost. 18-24 inches tall and wide.


Columbine ‘Winky Mix’

A colorful harbinger of spring. Naturalizes in rich moist woodland type soil. Compact bushy habit, 12-14 inches tall. Best in morning sun, afternoon shade

 Coneflower Pow Wow Wildberry

Coneflower ‘Pow Wow Wildberry’

One of the best new perennials available.Short stocky plant, 18-24 inches. Forms a mound of deep purple-pink, daisy-type flowers. Heat and drought tolerant. Blooms until frost.

 Coreopsis Sienna Sunset

Coreopsis ‘Sienna Sunset’

A thread-leaf coreopsis like the popular ‘Moonbeam.’ Rich burnt sienna colored flowers lighten to peach. Forms a compact bushy mound that does not flop. Prune occasionally to keep in bloom. 16-20 inches

 Gaillardia 'Goblin'

 Gaillardia ‘Goblin’

An older variety that’s stood the test of time. Scarlet red petals with sunny yellow tips
Compact bushy 12-inch mounds. Heat tolerant and drought resistant. Needs good drainage.
Blooms all summer.


Phlox ‘Glamour Girl’

A mainstay of the summer garden. One of the most fragrant long-blooming perennials
‘Glamour Girl’ has excellent disease resistance. Large heads of hot coral-pink flowers.
32 inches

 Salvia New Dimension Blue

Salvia ‘New Dimension Blue’

Bright purple-blue flowers on multiple upright strong stems. Heat and drought tolerant
Requires good drainage. Blooms all summer if sheared occasionally. Forms a compact, sturdy 14-18 inch mound.

Shasta Daisy May

Shasta Daisy ‘Daisy May’

A true perennial superstar with unbelievable flower power. Super compact form, 20-24 inches. Forms a solid dome of flowers through late summer. Fantastic cut flower.


Sedum ‘Pure Joy’

Heat and drought tolerant. Low maintenance, easy to grow, disease and pest free
Great perennial for the beginner. ‘Mr. Goodbud’ has purple-pink flowers on 16 in. sturdy stems.


Veronica ‘Enchnted Indigo’

Short, upright clump of glossy foliage topped with deep royal purple flowers. Blooms in summer and then again in the fall. 16- 18 inches. ‘Enchanted indigo’ is new for 2015!


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