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Lenten Rose

Hellebores or Lenten Rose are a  tough, easy-to-grow underused evergreen for the shade garden. Their glossy dark green leathery foliage is 15-18 inches tall and attractive all year long. New growth begins in late January or Feb and precedes the 3-4 inch nodding, cup shaped  flowers that emerge through the snow or mulch and bloom during the Lenten season.  Blooms are typically white or pale lavender but plant breeders have developed a palette of exciting new colors including pink, plum, green, dark purple, red and yellow.

Hellebores prefer moist but well drained soil that is rich in organic matter or compost. Once established, helleborus tolerate dry shade. Heavy wet clay is instant death. Planted in mass, helleborus make a fantastic ground cover. They are equally attractive in solitary clumps. Helleborus are deer resistant and although somewhat obscure, they make a fantastic choice even for beginners.

Here’s our line up for the 2016 season.

Wedding Party Series
 Blushing Bridemaid ‘Blushing Bridesmaid’- 2 inch, double white flowers with raspberry pink veining
 Wedding Bells ‘Wedding Bells’-  2 inch clear white, double flowers
 Maid of Honor ‘Maid of Honor’- 2-3 inch, double flowers that range from light to dark pink
 Confetti Cake  ‘Confetti Cake’- 2-3 inch white flowers with burgundy speckling
Honeymoon Series:
 Paris in Pink ‘Paris In Pink’- 3-4 inch, single light to medium pink flowers
 New York Night ‘New York Night’- 2-3 inch, single flowers in shades of black and dark purple
 Sandy Shores ‘Sandy Shores’- 2-3 inch, single pale apricot flowers
 Rome in Red ‘Rome in Red’- 3-4 inch, single maroon to wine flowers
 French Kiss ‘French Kiss’- 3 inch, single white flowers with raspberry pink veins
 Rio Carnival ‘Rio Carnival’- 2-3 inc, single light yellow flowers with burgundy-red centers
 Spanish Flare ‘Spanish Flare’- 3 inch, single light yellow flowers with maroon red centers


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