Popular Perennials

Here are the new additions to our 2016 perennial menu, for sun and for shade. Long-blooming, new hardy varieties to debut in your perennial garden.


 The Sunny Good New Stuff For 2016

 Agastache Mango Tango Agastache ‘Mango Tango’
Compact habit and vibrant mango-orange flowers dusted in light peachy pink. Deeper orange color than ‘Peachie Keen.’ Deer resistant and the hummingbirds love. 16-18 inches.
Agastache Rosie-Posie Agastache ‘Rosie Posie’
Dense, compact rounded clump of aromatic foliage topped with loads of hot pink flowers. Blooms for many months starting midsummer. 18-22 inches. Deer resistant and a hummingbird magnet.
 AgastachePeachie-Keen Agastache ‘Peachie Keen’
Dense, compack rounded clump of aromatic foliage topped with apricot peach flowers. blooms for many months beginning midsummer. 20-24 inches. Deer resistant and a hummingbird magnet.
 Baptisia Lemon Meringue Baptisia Decadence ‘Lemon Meringue’
Upright vase-shaped mound of attractive blue-green foliage. Long charcoal stems with lemon yellow flowers. 3 ft. Prefers well drained soil.  Blooms late spring through early summer. Decorative fall seed pods.
 Budlleia Little Nugget Buddleia ‘Little Nugget’
Brilliant gold foliage with 5-6 inch long magenta purple flowers. Only 2-3 ft. Blooms mid summer through fall
Butterfly Bush Crown Jewels Buddleia or Butterfly Bush  ‘Crown Jewels’
Lovely gold foliage is topped with magenta purple flowers. Blooms mid summer through fall. 3-4 feet. A butterfly magnet.
 Coreopsis Daybreak

Coreopsis ‘Daybreak’

Bicolor flowers with prominent orange-red centers bloom all season long. Forms a short, tight mound of highly disease-resistant foliage. Great in containers. 8-12 inches tall.

Dianthus Maraschino

Dianthus Coconut-Punch

Dianthus Sweetie Pie

Dianthus Fruit Punch Series
Entire series has fragrant, semi-double to double flowers and tolerant of heat and humidity. Bloom late spring through early summer and then again in the fall.

  • ‘Apple Slice’ – red, pale pink and white, blue-green foliage
  • ‘Coconut Punch’ – deep red, almost maroon and white. gray-green foliage
  • ‘Maraschino’ – hot cherry red flowers, silvery blue foliage
  • ‘Sweetie Pie’ – true pink, blue-green foliage
 Gaillardia Mesa Bright Bicolor Gaillardia ‘Mesa Bright Bicolor
Compact well-branched plants with a strong upright habit and more vigor than the ‘Arizona’ series of gaillardia.  Bright red flowers with a wide yellow band. Blooms all summer. Heat and drought tolerant.
 Hibiscus Cherry Cheescake Hibiscus ‘Cherry Cheesecake’
Creamy pink buds open to large 7-8 inch, white flowers with magenta ruffled petals. A real show stopper! 4-5 feet. Blooms mid through late summer.
 Hibiscus Perfect Storm Hibiscus ‘Perfect Storm’
Compact habit, huge 7-8  inch flowers, dark wine foliage. Half the size of ‘Summer Storm’ at just 3 foot. White flowers are edged in light pink and have bright red centers.
 Oenethera Lemon Drop Oenethera or Evening Primrose ‘Lemon Drop’
Long blooming, heat loving, drought tolerant, deer resistant,  and low maintenance to boot! Vibrant lemon yellow flowers all summer. Requires excellent drainage. 8-12 inches.

 Monarda Cherry Pops

Monarda Cotton Candy

Monarda Rockin Raspberry

Monarda Sugar Buzz Series
These new cultivars are suited to the middle of the flower bed and will not overrun the garden. Mildew resistant. Heat loving. Blooms mid through late summer. Hummingbird magnet.

  • ‘Cherry Pops’- cherry red flowers 20 inches
  • ‘Cotton Candy’- light pink buds open to pale pink flowers. 14-16 inches
  • Rockin Raspberry’- deep raspberry purple flowers. 20 inches
 Salvia Violet-Riot  Salvia ‘Violet Riot’
Improved over the popular salvia ‘May Night’ with a more compact, densely formed shape. Loads of bright purple flowers all summer if trimmed occasionally. 22 inches.
 Salvia Crystal Blue Salvia ‘Crystal Blue’
A new color in hardy salvia. Light sky blue flowers on strong thick stems. Blooms late spring until mid summer. 18-20 inches.
VeronicaEnchanted-Indigo2 Veronica ‘Enchanted Indigo’
Short, compact clump of bright green, glossy foliage topped with deep royal purple flowers. Blooms heavily in late spring through mid summer. 16-18 inches.


 The Shady Good New Stuff For 2016

 Anemone Wild Swan Anemone ‘Wild Swan’
Unlike other anemones, this variety blooms from late spring through fall. Huge 3-4 inch white flowers with lilac-blue stripes on the backside. 20 inches tall. Some morning or late afternoon sun is best.
 Anemone Pamina Anemone ‘Pamina’
This anemone is great for late season color. Deep rosy pink, 2 inch double flowers are held atop tall, graceful stems. Flowers are daisy like. 2-3 ft. Abit of morning or late afternoon sun is best.
 Heuchera Fire Alarm Heuchera or Coral Bells ‘Fire Alarm’
One of the best reds to date. Vigorous grower. Spring and fall color is fiery red, mellowing a bit in the summer months. Dark red stems with pink flowers.
 Coral Bells Berry Timeless Heuchera or Coral Bells ‘Berry Timeless’
Everblooming coral bell, from late spring until frost! Light pink flowers age to red, so flowers appear two-toned. Silvery mint-green foliage. 18-20 inches.
 Heuchera-BRAZEN-RAISIN Heuchera or Coral Bells ‘Brazen Raisin’
Large, nearly black leaves form a dense mound. Reddish stems are topped with pale pink flowers. Improved flower power over Obsidian.
 Heuchera Blackberry Ice Heuchera or Coral Bells ‘Blackberry Ice’
Iridescent purple leaves with black veining. Foliage develops a luminescence in summer. Cream flowers on reddish scapes. 10-12 inches.
 Heuchera--CINNAMON-CURLS Heuchera or Coral Bells ‘Cinnamon Curls’
A tidy compact mound of glossy, ruffled leaves in a blend of coppery orange, red and purple tones. Spring color is fiery red-orange. Insignificant flowers. 8-12 inches.
Heuchera Ruffles and Truffles Heuchera or Coral Bells ‘Ruffles and Truffles’
A ruffled dark leaved coral bell with 4 inch mahogany brown leaves with rich raspberry undersides. Newest leaves are extremely curled and ruffled. 10-12 inches.
 Heucherella Leapfrog Heucherella or Foamy Bells ‘Leapfrog’
A spring standout. Bright yellow leaves with prominent burgundy centers. Leaves mellow to green in summer but have apricot and rose tones in the fall.
 Hosta Coast-to-Coast Hosta ‘Coast to Coast’
Giant, solid gold hosta makes a striking specimen. Thick, puckered, wavy leaves form an upright vase-shaped clump. Pale violet flowers.
Hosta Vulcan Hosta ‘Vulcan’
Some consider an improved ‘Patriot.’ Crisp white centers that do not fade. Dark green leaf margins on broad, heart shaped leaves.
Hosta Island Breeze Hosta ‘Island Breeze’
Our favorite new hosta. Wide green margins contrast with bright yellow centers. Centers age to chartreuse in the shade. Dark lavender flowers. 12 inches tall.
 Ligualaria King Kong Ligularia ‘King Kong’
Dark chocolate- purple leaves are 16 inches across! Newest leaves are glossy black that mellow to burgundy. Foliage grows greener in deep shade, so some morning sun is best. Golden orange, daisy-like flowers in mid summer.


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