Good New Perennials

Here are the new additions to our 2017 perennial menu. Long-blooming, new  varieties that want to debut in your perennial garden or flower pots.

amsonia Amsonia or Blue Star ‘Storm Cloud’
New stems emerge near-black like a dark rain cloud. Dark green leaves have silver veining and plants forms a wide, mounded habit. lIght periwinkle blue flowers in late spring thru early summer. 24-30 inches. Native.
  allium Allium or Ornamental Onion ‘Millenium’
A profusion of large 2 in round, bright rosy purple flower clusters on strong stems bloom mid to late summer.  Forms a perfect, compact upright clump of glossy green, strappy leaves. A bee and butterfly magnet. 15-20 inches
 Coreopsis Daybreak Coreopsis L’il Bang ‘Daybreak’
Bicolor flowers with prominent orange-red centers bloom all season long. Forms a short, tight mound of highly disease-resistant foliage. Great in containers. 8-12 inches tall.
 Coreopsis Enchanted Eve  Coreopsis L’il Bang ‘Enchanted Eve’
Disease- free clean green foliage stays nice all season. Butter yellow blossoms with a soft red eye are incredibly long blooming. 8-12 inches
 coreopsis Red Elf Coreopsis L’il Bang ‘Red Elf’
Deep burgundy red blossoms are produced atop a compact clump of disease resistant foliage all season. 8-12 inches.
 Dianthus Paint the town fuschia Dianthus or Pinks ‘Paint the Town Fuchsia’
Prized for its bright flower color, long bloom period and heat tolerance. 1 inch wide, single fuchsia flowers completely cover the shiny blue foliage. Trim back to encourage rebloom. 6-8 inches
 DianthusPaintTownMagenta Dianthus or Pinks ‘Paint the Town Magenta’
Prized for its bright flower color, long bloom time and  heat tolerance. 1 inch wide, single vibrant magenta flowers with serrated petals. Flowers completely cover the shiny blue foliage. 6-8 inches.
 Echinops Blue Glow Echinops or Globe Thistle ‘Blue Glow’
A clumping perennial that’s easy to grow but not invasive. Intense blue spheres appear on tall stems early to late summer. Deeply divided, hairy, silvery-green leaves. 3-4 ft.
 EryngiumBlueGlitter Eryngium or Sea Holly ‘Blue Glitter’
Selected for its short stature and prolific flower production. Shimmering blue blossoms on silvery blue stems in mid summer. Blue-green non-spiny leaves. 36-40 inches.
 Geum Totally Tangerine Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’
Tall strong stems carry loads of bright apricot to tangerine orange flowers in late spring to mid summer. Robust habit. 30 inches. Fuzzy green foliage remains attractive all summer.
 Heuchera Appletini  Heuchera or Coral Bells ‘Appletini’
The perfect combination of lime foliage and red flowers. Medium sized lime green leaves with dark red stems hold rich ruby red flowers in late spring to early summer. 18-24 inches.
 Huechera Black Pearl Heuchera or Coral Bells ‘Black Pearl’
Meet the new standard in black coral bells. Forms a dense habit of shiny jet black leaves with scalloped, ruffled edges and rosy purple undersides. Keeps its intense black color even in the sun! White flowers. 18-20 inches.
 Huechera Cinnamon Curls  Heuchera or Coral Bells ‘Cinnamon Curls’
A tidy compact mound of glossy, ruffled leaves in a blend of coppery orange, red and purple tones. Spring color is fiery red-orange. Insignificant flowers. 8-12 inches.
 Heucherella Pink Fiz Heucherella or Foamy Bells ‘Pink Fizz’
Durable perennial for sun or shade. Large, deeply lobed soft green leaves have prominent purple veins. Pure pink flowers pop open from hot pink flower buds. 10-13 inches


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