Extraordinary Annuals

What Works in Flowering Annuals?
Annual flowers (flowers that live for one season) supply the lion’s share of color in the garden. These are easy to care for, all-season bloomers that perform well in our climate. Some are old friends but most are new releases (improved plant habit, form or colors)  of popular favorites. Flowers are categorized as thrillers (upright habit ), spillers (cascading habit) or fillers (mounded habit).

 AngeloniaArchangelRed Angelonia Archangel Cherry Red
Huge vibrant red flowers are held on glossy deep green foliage. Heat and hunidity tolerant, deer resisntant and very low maintenance. Excellent in pots or in flower beds. 12-14 inches. An upright thriller.
Superbells Lemon Slice Calibrachoa or Superbells ‘Lemon Slice’
Alternating slices of white and lemon yellow in a pinwheel pattern is striking and unique. Blooms all summer but must have good drainage. Best in pots where water can me monitored. 6-10 inches tall. Spiller plant
 vermillionaire_cuphea Cuphea ‘Vermillion’ or Firecracker Plant
Abundant yellow orange flowers all season. Loves the heat and drought tolerant. Hummingbirds love these tubular flowers. 12-18 inches and a filler plant.
 PrinneTutCyperus  Cyperus or Papyrus ‘Prince Tut’
A compact, no-flop form of papyrus just 18-30 inches tall. Thrives in moist sites, so can be grown at water’s edge or in a pot without drainage. Unique, exotic looking but is easy and almost zero maintenance.

Ipomoea or Sweet Potato Vine ‘Bewitched Green with Envy’

Colorful lime green foliage mounds and trails. Works great in combinations or alone as a ground cover. Loves the heat and humidity. 10-16 inches tall and can trail up to 28 inches. Remove stems and /or cut back to prevent bullying out other plants. Filler/Spiller

Supertunia Honey Supertunia ‘Honey
A new color in supertunias. Fall-toned blooms of yellow and orange with pink highlights. A more upright habit than most supertunias so it can be grown in a pot or in landscape beds. Great heat and humidity tolerance.. 8-10 inches. Filler/Spiller.
Supertunia Daybreak Charm Supertunia ‘Daybreak Charm’
Vibrant watermelon pink flowers with cheerful yellow centers on a densely branched plant. Starts blooming early and continues all summer. Great in containers or landscape beds. 10-14 inches tall. Filler/Spiller
 supertunia_violet_star Supertunia ‘Charm Violet Star’
A great container plant that will both mound (filler) and spill (spiller) over the edge of pots. Especially bred for landscape beds because of their vigorous growth habit. A good substitute for million beds in pots are sites without excellent drainage; they tolerate cool wet conditions. Filler/Spiller

Lantana Luscious Pinkberry Blend

Mouunded tricolor tones of pink, yellow and cream. Heat and drought tolerant, plus deer resistant. Light sweet fragrance. A butterfly magnet! 20-24 inches. Filler

Geranium Calliope Dark Red Geranium ‘Calliope Dark Red’
An improved double- flower geranium that is heat loving and drought tolerant. Calliope has a vigorous, mounding to semi-trailing plant habit. Full sun or part shade. Great for hanging baskets, patio planters or beds. Grows 10-12″ tall. Filler.

 Pictures are courtesy of Proven Winners® 

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