Cool New Shrubs

Plant breeders are geeks. But they know that many of us want smaller sized versions of our favorite shrubs and plants that bloom all season. Classic shrubs like lilac, hydrangea, butterfly bush, and weigela have been bred to rebloom and stay smaller. Proven Winners Color Choice® shrubs represent some of the best new varieties on the market today. These plants display some or all of the following characteristics:

  •  Disease Resistance
  •  Plant Vigor
  • Flower Power
  • Fall Color
  • Butterfly Magnet
  • Multiple Seasons of Interest

We also have a wide selection of Cool New native shrubs. Native plants that have been refined to fit into today’s smaller gardens and home settings. Go here for more info on native plants.

 aronia in fall Aronia or Chokeberry  ‘Low Scape Mound’
This new dwarf aronia might just be the perfect landscape plant. Tolerates wet or dry soil with loads of white spring flowers atop dark glossy foliage. Purplish-black summer fruit followed by intense reddish-orange autumn foliage. Native. 1-2 ft.
 Aronia Low Scape Hedger Aronia or Chokecherry ‘Low Scape Hedger’
The perfect carefree, upright narrow shrub for hedges, sreening or mass planting. Dark green, glossy foliage turns bright red in fall. 3-5 ft tall and 2-3 ft wide. New for 2017.
 Lo&Behold Purple Haze Buddleia Butterfly Bush ‘Lo & Behold® Purple Haze’
This dwarf butterfly bush has dark purple-blue nonstop flowers that don’t require dead heading or pruning. Use as a ground cover, low hedge or even in a pot. 2-3 ft. tall. A real butterfly magnet!
  Lo & behold Pink Micro Chip Butterfly Bush ‘Pink Micro Chip’
A small plant with an abundance of tiny pink blooms. Flowers summer until frost. 18-24 inches tall.
 Pugster Blue Butterfly Bush Butterfly Bush ‘Pugster Blue’
Combines a short stocky plant with full sized dark-violet blooms. 2 foot mound blooms midsummer until frost. A butterfly/hummingbird magnet! New for 2017.
 Buddleia Pugster Amethyst Butterfly Bush ‘Pugster Amethyst’ 
Dwarf stocky habit with very large, highly fragrant blooms. Forms a tight 2 foot mound of rich amethyst (purple) flowers from midsummer until frost. New for 2018.
 Buddleia Miss Molly Butterfly Bush ‘Miss Molly’
A compact, well-behaved butterfly bush at 4-5 ft. Sangria-red flowers from mid summer thru fall. Butter/hummer magnet.
 Callicarpa Purple Pearls Callicarpa or Beautyberry ‘Purple Pearls’
Dark purple foliage is attractive all season. Clusters of bright pink summer flowers are followed by amazing dark purple berries. 4-5 feet.
 Caryopteris Lil Miss Sunshine Caryopteris or Bluebeard ‘Lil’ Miss Sunshine’
Shiny yellow foliage, a neat compact habit, and an abundance of blue flowers in late summer. 2-3 feet.
 Euonymus Gold Splash Euyonomous ‘Gold Splash’
Large round green leaves with thick golden-yellow edges. Yellow fruit and orange seed are beautiful and persistent. Just 18 inches tall. 
 Hydrangea BoBo Hydrangea ‘Bobo’
Bobo is a dwarf summer blooming plant with large white flowers held on strong sturdy stems. At only 30-36 inches, Bobo is an asset to any small garden or large patio pot.
 Hydrangea Little Lime Hydrangea ‘Little Lime’
Continuous blooming, lime green flowers on strong upright stems. Fall flower color is a combination of green, pink, and burgundy. ‘Little Lime’ stands 3-5 feet, whereas ‘Limelight’ reaches 6-8 ft.
 Hydrangea Pinky Winky Hydrangea ‘Pinky Winky’
Unique two- toned flowers in mid-summer emerge white and then turn pink. Large 12-16 inch flowers are held upright on strong stems. Use as a specimen or to create a spectacular flowering hedge. 6-8 ft.
 Hydrangea Th Big Easy Hydrangea Let’s Dance ‘The Big Easy’
Reblooming hydrangea that blooms on both last year’s and the new year’s stems. The huge blooms go through a progression of color from pink to green. Just 2-3 ft.
 Hydrangea Blue Jangles Hydrangea Let’s Dance ‘Blue Jangles’
Reblooming hydrangea with vivid flower color and attractive foliage. ‘Blue Jangles’ has a study habit and blooms heavily. 2-3 feet.
 lets_dance_diva- Hydrangea Let’s Dance ‘Diva’
Supersized lacecap blooms that are baby blue or pink, depending on the soil. Reblooms. 3-4 feet.
  invincibelle_spirit_ii_hydrangea-1 Hydrangea Invincible Spirit II
Dark foliage, stiff upright stems, large flowers that are a rich pink that age to an attractive green. A strong rebloomer. $1 from from every plant sold goes to the Breast Cancer Research foundation.
 Gatsby Star Hydrangea Hydrangea Gatsby Star
This oakleaf hydrangea has double blooms that are pointed instead of rounded. The result is a beautiful lacy-looking flower and a very showy plant. 6-8 feet. A native cultivar. New for 2017.
 Gatsby Pink Hydrangea Hydrangea Gatsby Pink
This oakleaf boasts showy blooms that quickly change from pure white to an incredible rich pink. The dark green foliage turns mahogany-red in autumn. 6-8 feet. A native cultivar. New for 2018.
 Sambucus lemony lace Sambucus ‘Lemony Lace’
An elderberry with cut leaf, bright golden shaggy mounds of foliage and texture reminiscent of a Japanese maple. White spring flowers produce red fruit in fall. Prefers light shade. 3-5 ft.
spirea double play candy corn Spirea Double Play ‘Candy Corn’
Bright candy apple red spring foliage that matures to pineapple yellow. Dark purple blooms in late spring. 1-2 ft. New for  2017.
 Spirea Double Play Doozie Spirea Double Play Doozie
Spring foliage is the opening act with vibrant red and lime leaves that darken to green as season progresses. The next act is hot pink-red flowers that that open in June and continue off and on until frost. 2-3 foot. New for 2018.
 Lilac Bloomerang Syringa or Lilac ‘Bloomerang Dark Purple’
A true re-blooming lilac with large,highly fragrant flowers. Mildew resistant. A perfect shrub for any garden, it grows 4- 5 feet tall.
 Bloomerang Pin k Perfume Syringa or Lilac ‘Dwarf Pink’
Dark pink flowers on a dwarf 2-3 foot plant. Fragrant, vigorous and disease resistant. New for 2018.
 Thuga Anna's Magic Ball Thuja or Arborvitae ‘Anna’s Magic Ball’
Cute little ball-shaped evergreen with bright gold foliage. Holds its color well in the winter. 10-15 inches. A native cultivar so can tolerate a wide range of conditions.
 Thuga Tiny Tot Thuja or Arborvitae ‘Tiny Tot’
A dwarf globe arborvatae slighly taller than wide with swirling fans of dark green foliage. Makes a neat tidy container. Perfect for small gardens. 1-2 foot. New for 2018.
 filips_magic_moment_arborvita Thuja or Arborvitae ‘Flip’s Magic Moment’
A nice alternative to the popular dwarf Alberta spruce. Same 6-8 foot height but with bright green foliage. Easy to grow. Perfect for flanking formal entryways, either in the ground or in large containers. New for 2017.
 Viburnum Lil Ditty Viburnum Lil’ Dity
Dwarf viburnum that is a puffball of creamy white flowers in late spring. An adaptable easy to grow shrub that is perfect for mass plantings, foundations or even in a pot. New for 2018.
 Wegelia Fine wine Weigela ‘Fine Wine’
If you like ‘Wine & Roses’ you will love ‘Fine Wine’ with a compact mounded habit similar to a spirea and dark burgundy foliage. Loads of pink flowers on a 2-3 ft plant. 
 Weigela Spilled Wine Weigela ‘Spilled Wine’
Dark red wavy leaves and a spreading habit. Abundant hot pink flowers. A smaller plant, only 2 ft tall but 3 foot wide. Perfect for filling in sunny spaces in the garden.
 Weigela Sonic Bloom Red Weigela ‘Sonic Bloom Red’
A re-blooming weigela with lipstick red flowers. Blooms heavily in the spring and then reblooms off and on throughout the summer. 4-5 ft tall. 
 czechmark_trilogy_weigela_ Weigela  Czechmark Trilogy
Extra large flowers in a  of vivid hues of white, pink and red appear appear at once above the glossy green, clean foliage. Spring blooming. 3-3.5 ft. New for 2017.
 Weigela Snippet Lime Weigela Snippet Lime
A dwarf weigela with fresh, lime green foliage and pure pink blooms that flower heavily in spring and then off and on throughout the summer. 1-2 ft. New for 2018

Pictures are courtesy of Proven Winners®

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