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Pruning Summer Flowering Shrubs

Weigela Spilled Wine  Potentilla Happy Face

By mid to late August most summer blooming shrubs like hydrangeas are finished blooming. Now is a great time to cut back the spent blooms. Any other flowering shrubs that have slowed down, like spirea, weigela, butterfly bush, and crepe myrtle can also be trimmed back about one third of their size.

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Growing and Caring For Clematis

Clematis Rebecca

Clematis are one of the most popular, easy to grow flowering vines. With a little preparation and care, your clematis vine will provide cheerful abundant seasonal  blooms. Read more [+]

Water Gardening

Water Gardening

Water gardening gets really fun once the weather warms up, and up, like it does in our hot, humid climate. A water garden can be as simple as a large patio container filled with a few plants, some fish and perhaps a tiny pump to circulate the water. Or, it can be as elaborate as a cascading water-fall plunging into a fish pond. Most homeowners’ water gardens fall somewhere in-between. Water gardens, like regular gardens, can be as high or low maintenance as you want. Read more [+]

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